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This is my first post here. I posted my game before on other pages, and this devlog is basically a copy of my last dev log on these pages. It's about new weapons and shop system that are coming to game in 2nd demo. Meanwhile, first demo is out, so please check it :)


I would like to talk a bit about shop mechanics I plan for the game. Basically, every item you collect during gameplay will be just "temporary" - you will be able to keep it as long as you stay alive. Once you die, your inventory will be reseted to default one ( mighty stick :D ). However, you will be able to buy weapons you unlocked in shop.
What is "unlocking"?
Well, that depends on item. For some easier ones it might be just picking them up - hard ones might require you to defeat a boss or collect certain items.
What about price?
Currently I’m thinking about two options. You can buy single item for little amount of collected gems, or you can pay more and just pick it up for free whenever you want.


As you can see on video, I created 3 weapons:

  • Crossbow
    This weapon allows player to use grappling hook, which might turn out extremely useful in exploring worlds. Weapon can be switched while being hooked, but only one hook can be used at the time.
  • Dwarven Axe
    Axe has special passive effect, that reduces incoming damage by few points ( requirement for it is having it as active weapon ). It’s a good weapon against groups of enemies.
  • "The mage" Crossbow
    Name of this weapon comes from it’s first owner - dwarf called "the mage". Another day I showed first version of his look on twitter:
    The mage
    As you can see, dwarves definition of "magic" is a bit different than ours :D
    As for weapons, it’s primary function are exploding bolts, very useful for gathering gems and unlocking areas blocked by walls. They are pretty much infinite but their regeneration time is slow. Second function are boots that can be used to make double jumps. They have about 2 seconds cooldowns.
    Sounds good? Well, first you will have to defeat the mage ;)


So with this longer-than-usual post, I want to say that in closest future I might be a bit busy with things that are not related to Shard Hero ( studies, work ). I will probably do little bits whenever I have some more time, but yeah, progress updates might be rarer.
From other plans, I want to work on normal gameplay level mechanics. I plan on making 3 different level targets that player will have to focus on. Make the map, implement semi-random levels I mention in game description…
… and release another demo!
This one will show more of detailed game mechanics, shop, weapons, different levels. It will also include "the mage". And I hope it will turn out to be fun for you! :)

If you haven’t yet, please check my first demo :) I will be glad to hear any feedback regarding it or ideas I talked about in this post.


Shard Hero Demo #1 v.1.0.zip 16 MB
Jan 15, 2018

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